About Our Practice

Penny L. Tanner, Ph.D., ARNP, PS

Penny L. Tanner, Ph.D., ARNP, PS

Bridgeport Behavioral Health offers Mental Health Services for adults and children including counseling, medication management, evaluations, Bioidentical Hormone Balancing and Hypnotherapy.  Dr. Penny Tanner has been treating patients in the Lakewood area for over ten years. She is well known in her professional community for her expertise in treating children and medication management knowledge.

Our office staff is professional, friendly and helpful.  We offer in house billing so that patient accounts can be kept up to date and patients can have their questions and concerns dealt with in a timely manner.

Morghan - Office Manager

Morghan – Office Manager

We are contracted with most insurances and offer competitive rates for patients without insurance coverage. Bridgeport Behavioral Health is constantly striving to stay up to date and provide outstanding patient care and customer service.

Dr. Tanner and her staff look forward to meeting you and moving forward to a successful treatment outcome.

Our History

Bridgeport Behavioral Health in Lakewood Tacoma, WADr. Tanner’s practice was established in the early 1990s in the Aberdeen area of Washington State. After practicing for a brief time in Aberdeen, she moved to Lakewood and has been practicing there for 20 years. She began her practice offering services that focused on counseling and prescribing medications. Since that time, the practice has grown to include anti-aging modalities and laser therapies.

Moving forward and keeping abreast with changes in the field, treatment options are always state of the art. Dr. Tanner can easily say, with confidence, that no other practice in the area will provide the cutting edge treatments offered at Bridgeport Behavioral Health.