Clear Mind: When your brain works, your body responds

We offer a NeuroIntegration system that gives you the opportunity to re-train maladaptive brain wave patterns as an alternative or adjunct to medications.

Clear Mind patient

Using EEG analysis, Clear Mind technology can help improve if not eliminate symptoms related to those of unclear focus, poor concentration, fatigue, memory impairment, sleep disturbances, depressive symptoms, nervousness, problems with learning, obsessiveness, and many more problematic concerns

The protocol consists of photic stimulation combined with EEG NeuroIntegration biofeedback therapy which encourages and facilitates the brain to produce specific optimally productive frequencies. Learning is what the brain really wants to do and it is assisted and accelerated with this process.

Mapping your brain

Brain Map (before)

Brain Map (before)

Brain Map (after)

Brain Map (after)

To initiate the Clear Mind treatment protocol, a brain mapping is done and a questionnaire is completed. Combining these data provide the basis for the selection of the biofeedback protocol that will offer re-patterning of the brain function. You will be able to identify areas of your brain that may require either enhancement or minimizing depending on the area of concern. For example, strong programs of victimization, self-deprecation, mental fogginess, avoiding desired change, difficulty giving up old destructive habits and the like can be transformed to provide an adaptive brain function that will offer a healthier, happier you. You will actually be able to see your improvement results on your brain map after the series of sessions as we will track your progress.

Your results

Individual results vary. However, one can expect to feel refreshed, experience better sleep, higher brain performance, memory enhancement, sharper focus and the like. Hard wired victimization and self-deprecation tend to fade away and give way to new patterns of moving forward into new patterns of thinking, emoting and behaving. These changes are generally sustaining. It’s easy, painless and fun to watch how your brain will respond to the stimulation affording you greater peace of mind and a brighter brain. Imagine overcoming years of old programming and experiencing a renewed enhancement of brain performance.

This assessment is not diagnostic for disease states; nor, is it medical treatment. It is not intended or designed to offer medical treatment to specific disease states. It is, however, neurobiofeedback that offers safe, effective, rejuvenating re-patterning of brain function. If you are being treated for any medical condition, we do not support deletion of that treatment. Before any Clear Mind client changes any medical treatment, we insist that the client do so only with the permission and guidance of his/her medical provider.